Tuesday, June 30, 2009


1.) Send me an email to : heidimarie89@gmail.com (maybe with a nice picture and some sexy dreams) and answer the followin questions:

a.)Wich article (ORDERNR ?) do you wish ?

b.)Do you wish a picture of the action I m doing for you in addition (ORDERNR)?

c.)Where do you want me to send your presents (Supplyingaddress)??

e.) Did you order over $60 or $100 ?? Have look at my SPECIALS and choose one (ORDERNR)!!??!!

f.) Do you wish an express mail (otherwise it COULD take up to 8 businessdays until you recieve the present)? ATTENTION the prices for expressmail can be eally high , depend on the location of the supplying address. I ll write you an email to let you know how much it costs and I ll ask you if you agree with this price before I send you the bill and the present .

I ll answer your email in the next 24 hours. You ll recieve 2 emails from my

An email from my private account : heidimarie89@gmail.com
To let you know , that your order was sucessful .

An email from my Paypal account (www.paypal.cm.au) to let you know where you can send the money.

3.) After you have payed the bill ( located in the email) I ll start with your order. This means it could take another 3 more Days ( depend on wich Pack you had choosen) until I send you your presents.

You ll recieve a Letter or Parcel in an absolut neutral form so dont worry about your neighbours or postman.