Tuesday, June 30, 2009


1.) All pictures offered on this blog are pictures from a special Bodypart ONLY. No Fullbody pictures or face pictures.

2.)It may take up to 14 Days until your order arrive in your postbox because of the production time and the postway .

3.)Your order has only been sucessful if you recieve 2 emails from me ( one from my private emailaccount and one from my PayPal account)

a.)It could be , that some article are temporary sold out. I apologise !! Take it as a proof that I m a reall person and a single worker.

b.) If the article is temporary sold out I ll send you only 1 email from my private mailaccount, to inform you about the sold out , to offer you an alternative choise, to keep your order for a later moment or to cancel your order if you wish so .